Beyonce is one busy lady: she’s got an album to promote, a fragrance to launch and a messiah to birth. …But the tiny superhuman developing in her womb will not stymie Bey’s fabulousness: behold, the singer showed up to launch her fragrance Pulse at The Dream in Manhattan wearing a midnight blue sequined micro-mini and matching blazer. Carrying a child has not in any way affected her physical appearance, apparently?

As for Pulse itself, we understand the top notes are “pear blossom, frozen bergamot and Blue Curacao liqueur,” but judging by the look of the bottle it more likely smells like Thierry Mugler’s Angel, some cloying florals and the electric blue vomit splattered on the sidewalk outside your local Chili’s (where Blue Curacao goes to die).

Also, because she is a famous person with a tiny nascent famous person inside of her, she was forced by the hordes of photographers to lovingly clutch her belly:

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