Remember when highlighters pretty much came in one shade? You had your choice of a shimmering ivory, and that was it. If you were lucky, you would sometimes get a pinky peach shade. Oh, how things have changed. Rainbow highlighters have taken over and we’re seeing more and more unique shades to strobe with. If you’re looking for a palette that features a ROYGBIV range of shades, you’re going to want to be keeping an eye out for BH Cosmetics‘ upcoming Blacklight Highlight Palette.

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As per usual, BH Cosmetics teased the upcoming launch on social media. The beauty brand posted an Instagram story of swatches of the shades from the palette. And those alone were enough to make everyone very excited.

The photos showed a range of interesting highlighting shades including a lilac, a green, pink and silver. If you watched the Instagram story, you will have seen them swatched on arms and applied to the skin. And no matter how or where they were applied, they were stunning.

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Unfortunately, BH Cosmetics didn’t give a date when the Blacklight Highlight Palette would launch, but we’re going to be watching Instagram closely.

(Photo: BH Cosmetics)