wonder woman

Think Wonder Woman fever has died down? Think again. Wonder Woman fans are always looking for ways they can unleash their inner Amazonian superhero which is why the internet is going wild for the Bijou Blossoms Wonder Woman Makeup Brush Set ($32).

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The gorgeous set was discovered by POPSUGAR. If you’re looking for more Wonder Woman swag to add to your collection, you cannot go wrong with the brushes. They’re also perfect if you’re obsessed with themed makeup brushes.

The Bijou Blossoms Wonder Woman Makeup Brush Set features five brushes for the entire face. There’s a fan brush, a spoolie brush and three curved brushes in varying shades and sizes for eyes and lips. Because this a Wonder Woman set, the brushes take inspiration from her costume. They feature red tips which golden accents, textured deep blue handles and ferrules in matte gold, gold and pink. The brush heads are more traditional with black, off-white and gradient colorways.

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To make sure that you don’t lose any of your Wonder Woman beauty tools, they come is a chic pink pouch. What’s more, they also come with a cleaning tool to keep your makeup brushes in tip-top shape.

We suggest that you use the brushes to create a fierce makeup look that Wonder Woman herself would approve of.

(Photo: Bijou Blossoms)