Maybe these ladies in this photo are still wearing their bikinis today!

Maybe these ladies in this photo are still wearing their bikinis today!

Studies are the cornerstone of our civilization. If it weren’t for scientists getting a group of a couple thousand people together for an analysis on one thing or another, how would we, as a whole, know how we’re supposed to feel, act or think? We’d be forced to determine ourselves on our own! Dreadful.

A British retailer, TK Maxx (please note that’s not TJ, but TK) decided they wanted to know exactly who’s wearing bikinis, and who’s feeling the most awesome in them. After grilling 2,000 Brits, the study found that six in 10 women felt the best rocking a bikini “after reaching 59.” Are you surprised?

As far as the younger ladies were concerned (18 to 34), only one in five felt truly comfortable in the two-piece summer get-up. Apparently, it’s true that confidence grows with age, and by the time you get into your 50’s you’re over what other people might be thinking about you. Thank god, because I’m getting really tired of living in fear of being judged. Ha! I kid! Or maybe not. I think I do care on sensitive days, but I digress.

I can definitely say at 35 I’m far more confident about most things than I ever was at 23. But considering my somewhat age-obsessed brain, I’m not so sure how I’m going to feel at 59 years old about anything. However, between this study, which clearly represents everyone, and the promise of even better sex at we get older and older, maybe aging isn’t so bad after all.

Long live the bikini!

Photo: History of the Bikini