‘ Tis the season for lizard skin.  It is for me anyway.  This time, every year like clockwork, my skin turns pasty white and disgustingly scaly.  Really, its not cute.  So I am always searching out body creams desperately this time of the year.  There are, of course, no shortage of good ones out there, but the one I have been using most recently is the new Vitalization from Bioelements.  Bioelements is one of my all time favorite skin care brands so I always really love to check out what they have out that is new, and Vitalization is, not surprisingly, a great, rich body cream. 

bioelements-vitalizationThe key features of this multifunction cream are:  “Regulates moisture to banish dryness, smoothes away rough brittle surface cells (hello!), encourages a firmer body (uh huh), restores radiance to skin and surrounds the body with the enticing aroma of pure botanical oils.”  Pretty dreamy stuff.

Along with some groovy peptides and amino acids, Vitalization also contains 10 botanical oils, shea butter, red tea and beta carotene.   The fragrance is good, but light and nothing that clashes with your fragrance at all.  It is thick, but creamy, not REALLY thick like some of the other shea butter products out there. 

For those of you that are concerned about this sort of thing, Bioelements products are not tested on animals, use no artificial colors or fragrances and contain organic botanicals (have you visited Pretty by Nature lately?).  Vitalization is sold in a big 8 oz jar, and can be purchased at DermStore for $49.50.  DermStore also has a deal going on right now, with a $125 purchase, receive a free Pumice Peel (exfoliating cream – $48 value).  That’s a great product too – in fact, I really have never met a Bioelements product I didn’t really love.  Sleepwear – the best night cream going.  So spend a little time at DermStore and try out Bioelements if you haven’t – I am positive you will love it!