birchbox gift box

I love mini make up samples. They’re cute, super portable, and don’t ever leave me with a huge amount of concealer that isn’t quite my shade. Birchbox’s monthly deliveries offer a whole personalized collection of beauty product samples mailed to you each month, without the hassle of explaining your epic journey to find the perfect eye shadow to someone at Sephora, hoping they’ll take pity on you and slip you a few mini-pots.

The first thing I uncovered in my January package was a Stila smudge stick waterproof eye liner in peacock or, less ambiguously, a shiny cobalt shade. The stick looked less like a sample and more like a fully grown piece of make up; the liner had a eye-crayon texture, not the dangerously hard point of the kind of liner you could sharpen.

Next I found a tiny tube of Borghese moisture intensifier, a moisturizer in a deep orange tube about the size of a cream eye shadow. The cream was thick and seemed like it could tackle whatever damage the winter wind and indoor heat has done to your skin.

Practical people, Birchbox also threw in a mini Larabar, anticipating a long enough time spent perusing the contents that the recipient of the box might need a little snack. It was coconut pie flavored and a little less than half the size of a normal sized bar, just big enough to tide you over as you finish your box investigation.

To make you try a new scent, a tiny vile of Viva La Juicy perfume was included, with a convenient spray nozzle so it’s easier to actually test the scent on your skin, and a jar about the size of concealer pot filled with body butter that smells like honeysuckle (it’s just big enough by the end of it you’ll definitively know if you want to continue to smell like honeysuckle). The mix of samples proved Birchbox is about more than just make up. And, if you want to buy the full size versions of your mini treats, you can buy them direct from Birchbox, too.

By the time I got to the bottom of the box I’d been feed, moisturized, I smelled good, and I’d finally retired my boring brown eye shadow, at least for a day. Birchbox packages are like the grown up version of a multi pack of Lip Smackers; even if you only find one thing you really love, it’s a lot of fun to try them all on.

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