You might be wondering where July went. Time is going by fast, but the good news is that means it’s time for the latest drop in the Bite Beauty #AstrologybyBITE collection. Those who know their zodiac signs will know it’s time for the Leo Amuse Bouche Lipstick ($26). Whether you’re a Leo or not, you’re going to want the lippy because it’s the boldest one in the collection thus far.

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Most fans should be familiar with the Bite Beauty Astrology collection by now. If not, it’s a simple concept. Every month, Bite Beauty releases a new Amuse Bouche Lipstick inspired by the zodiac sign. All of the lipsticks have the same moisturizing, pigmented formula. They’re all made with botanical oils and fresh-pressed citrus. But, the shades couldn’t be more different because they are based on each astrological sign.



Take the Leo shade which is a shimmering gold. It’s a fitting tribute to the sign because Bite Beauty explains that Leos are bold and love to be the center of attention. They’re dramatic and charismatic and ruled by the fire sign. To turn their qualities into a lipstick, Bite has designed the glittering gold so Leos (and Leo wannabes) can make a “royal statement.

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Past launches have seen a my-lips-but-better Cancer shade and a split bullet for Gemini. Most of the lipsticks have sold out before we’ve moved onto the next horoscope so if you want the Leo one, get to it.



Note that things are a bit different with the Leo Lipstick compared to past #AstrologybyBITE Lipsticks. The Leo Lipstick will be available to pre-order starting July 19 exclusively on Bitebeauty.com. The limited-edition shade will then fully launch on BiteBeauty.com and Sephora.com from July 23.

The Bite Beauty Leo Amuse Bouche Lipstick will be available for pre-order from BiteBeauty.com from July 19 before launching on July 23 at BiteBeauty.com and Sephora.com.

(Photos: Bite Beauty)