Bite Beauty is special because it creates products in small batches using good-for-skin ingredients such as fresh-pressed citrus flavor. It has produced some unique launches like the caffeine-infused French Press Lip Gloss collection and its spice-inspired lippy collection. Furthermore, it separates itself from other brands because it has the Lip Labs by Bite where you can go to create a one-of-a kind lipstick. And the brand has just launched a new Lip Lab in Los Angeles.

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There were previously Lip Labs by Bite in New York, San Francisco and Toronto. The one in San Fran just opened last year, but those on the West Coast are already being treated to the Los Angeles Larchmont Lip Lab. Similar to the other locations, shoppers can choose between custom lipsticks and bespoke services. The Custom Lipstick is the more inexpensive option. Shoppers can create one lipstick for $55 per person per lipstick or get two lipsticks for $80. When selecting the service a Bite Beauty Lip Lab Artist will help you pick through a “menu” of different colors, finishes and scents. Then your lipstick will be whipped up. There are 200 exclusive Bite Beauty pigments to choose from plus three finishes (Glossy Sheer, Amuse Bouche, Matte Crème) and eight scents including wildberry, vanilla, mint and violet.

The Bespoke Service takes things to the next level. Bite Beauty describes it as “the ultimate personalized experience” because it allows you to create the exact lip color that you’ve already dreamed about. Lip Lab Stylists will custom-blend pigments to create a one-of-a-kind shade. You’re still able to choose the finish and scent. Plus, you can have the product engraved in the store. The service costs $150 per person and includes two custom lipstick shades and an exclusive Lip Lab by Bite kit featuring a mini Agave Lip Mask, mini Line & Define Lip Primer and Whipped Cherry Lip Scrub.

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If you want to shop for some of your favorite Bite Beauty products note that they’re also available at the Lip Lab by Bite. They stock best-sellers like the Amuse Bouche Lipstick, Matte Crème Lip Crayon and Agave range like the lip scrub and lip balm.

If you’re interested in experiencing the custom services at the Lip Lab by Bite, you can book an appointment online at your preferred location or they will accept walk-ins.