If almost any beauty product has “unicorn” in its name, we’re interested. After all, unicorn beauty products often produce the most magical effects. That’s why we were very excited when we saw that Bite Beauty was launching a Unicorn Pearl Lipstick.

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Bite Beauty made the announcement on Instagram. The photo shows a shimmering white lipstick in Bite Beauty’s signature black package. In the description, the beauty brand describes the lip color as “a transformative pearl shade.” The magical shade goes from blue to pink in the light. And the versatile beauty looks good on its own or paired with other lipsticks.

This launch is slightly different from Bite’s Amuse Bouche Liquid Lipstick launch because the Unicorn Pearl Lipstick is a limited edition shade that will be available exclusively with Bite Beauty’s Custom service at the Lip Lab by Bite. If you’ve never been to Bite Beauty’s Lip Labs, there are locations in New York, San Francisco and Toronto and they offer you the opportunity to craft your own lipstick shade.

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The Custom service at the Lip Lab allows you to choose from 200 exclusive Bite Beauty pigments, four different finishes and nine different scents. The Custom service is $55 per person for one or two lipsticks with lipsticks being $80.

If you book an appointment after December 7, you’ll have the chance to mix the Unicorn Pearl shade into your own bespoke lippy. Bite Beauty says that it would be amazing for New Year’s Eve, but any day where there is some unicorn shine involved works for us.

The Bite Beauty Unicorn Pearl Lipstick launched at Lip Lab by Bite locations on December 7.