Rainbow highlighters are oh-so-pretty thanks to the wash of color they leave on skin. However, those who are craving a bit of edgy glamour might wish that the multicolored highlighters had an edgier sister. Bitter Lace realized this which is why the beauty brand has launched the Moonbow Highlighter ($28).

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Take your favorite pastel rainbow highlighter and imagine it with an inky night sky effect. That is what Moonbow looks like. The Bitter Lace website reports that the product is made with six blackened shades: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet. They’re all lined up in the compact to create a deep spectrum of color.

The effect is also enhanced thanks to the different sized shimmer particles in the highlighter which bring out the darker undertones.

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Allure reports that the limited-edition Moonbow highlighter is actually part of Bitter Lace’s Halloween line so it’s not going to be around forever. We suggest you stock up on it now because you’re going to want to wear the highlighter every single day as opposed to only on October 31.