Blake Lively‘s first video spot for Gucci Premiere perfume is here, and despite only being 30 seconds long, it gives us much to ponder.

When we first come upon Serena Van Der Woodsen, she’s holding court in a great glass elevator, wearing the same hair and outfit she did in the still ads, just kind of hanging out and spraying perfume on herself. Not unlike Proust‘s madeleines, this triggers some sort of sensory memory (or is it a sensory fantasy?) wherein she’s participating in some sort of photo shoot in the desert. Coming down on the side of “fantasy” is the fact that the giant fan doesn’t spray crap in her face, despite the fact that there’s sand everywhere. Could this be her metaphor for a perfect life? All the glamor of modeling couture with none of the day-to-day indignities the fashion industry visits on its young and beautiful faces?

Before we can decide, she’s back in the elevator, ascending into some sort of golden light dimension. Fin. Where did she go? What does it mean? Who’s to say which interpretation is the correct one, or if a “correct” one even exists? Certainly not I. But just to be sure, I’m going to watch it again on mushrooms.

(Via The Cut)