What The Sparkly Devil Is Blake Lively Wearing On The Cannes Red Carpet?

Photo: Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images

Truly, Blake Lively doesn’t have any bad physical qualities. She’s the closest thing the world has to a living Malibu Barbie. But among all of her extremely conventionally attractive traits, one stands out among all the others: that hair.

No matter what you might think of her acting, or Gossip Girl, or her giant Cannes braid, it is a truth universally acknowledged that Blake Lively has some gorgeous hair. And she knows it too.

“My hair is a safety net for me,” she told US Weekly, “so I love to have it down and full and relaxed.”

That makes sense, considering that Blake Lively cannot swim in the ocean because she is under constant threat from envious mermaids. That’s why we always see her on the beach, but never in the water.

Lively says she’s actually deeply shy, and her veil of sunny Barbie hair makes her feel safe.

“Often you see people on the red carpet with tight updos, but that makes me feel stiff,” she said.

I can dig it. If I had Blake Lively’s hair, I would never wear an updo or a ponytail ever again. In fact, I would stop working and just drive around Los Angeles with my head sticking out the window of my car, stunning the other motorists with my flowing curtain of gold locks.

Lively says her hair routine is actually pretty basic, for someone with hair that looks like she got it by selling her soul to a crossroads demon. She puts coconut oil on the ends of her hair before shampooing, and then applies a deep-conditioning Kerastase hair mask to wet hair and doesn’t fully rinse it. She just applies the Kerastase Reflection Chroma Captive Hair Masque, rinses it a bit, and then puts her hair in a bun on top of her head to let it dry.

That’s a more complicated hair routine than most people follow, but it’s not nearly as intensive as I expected. Coconut oil and a luxurious hair mask are much more attainable than the cloud of bluebirds and butterfly dust I always imagined were responsible for Lively’s epic, epic hair.