Blind Woman Makeup TIpsThere are lots of tools that are meant to make applying your makeup easier from brushes that protect your eyeshadow from mascara smudges to templates that show you exactly where to apply your contouring shades and your highlighter. Applying your makeup without your helpful tools can be tricky but if you are vision impaired, putting on your makeup correctly has its own set of challenges. That is why esthetician Judith Woodworth is helping blind women by giving them tips and tricks on how to apply their makeup by themselves, and helping them boost their confidence.

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Judith has devised techniques that make it easier for those with limited or no vision to do their makeup. Her techniques include getting women to count to five when they are applying their powder, which helps them ensure it is blended properly. Take a look at the video from CBS of Judith instructing Gina Centeno on how to apply her makeup:

Gina hasn’t worn makeup for 25 years after she lost her sight, because she was “afraid she would look like a clown” if she didn’t apply her products properly. Judith’s techniques have boosted her confidence and given her a renewed sense of independence. Gina said, “it gives me so much confidence that I can do it.” This shows that makeup is more than just a pop of color on your cheeks or long lashes, it is about the confidence-boosting effect and how it makes women feel good when they use it.

Check out Judith Woodworth’s website to see more.