There are so many types of cleansers to choose from ranging from the traditional creamy and foaming cleansers to the unexpected like cleansing oils to mask-cleaner hybrids. Solid stick cleansers are another under-the-radar pick that makes washing our faces so much easier. And Bliss has just launched three new solid cleansers.

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The three new launches are the Oh My Gommage! Gentle Polishing Cleanser ($15)Cold Pressed Olive Oil Foaming Cleanser ($15) and the No Dull Days Purifying Cleanser ($15). All of them come in cute blue and white push-up bottles that offer no leaking, no mess and portability. They all work to get skin squeaky clean, but each one targets a different concern.

The Bliss Cold Pressed Olive Oil Foaming Cleanser is interesting because it’s a solid stick that still froths up like a traditional foaming cleanser. The nourishing formula contains a whopping 40% olive oil. The ingredient is rich in vitamins, helps dissolve oil on skin and provides a hydrating but non-greasy cleanse.

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The Oh My Gommage! Gentle Polishing Cleanser looks like a creamy solid white stick. Bliss confirms that it is in fact a milky cleansing stick. Like gommage peels, the formula works to resurface skin in a gentle, non-abrasive way. The stick applicator and oil formula help buff away dead skin cells without irritating the skin underneath.

All of the Bliss solid cleansing sticks are available to shop now at Ulta.