I realize that title sounds creepy, but seriously, you guys…Anna Hathaway looked absurdly great at the Tate Americas Foundation Artists Dinner last night. The event, held at Skylight Studios at Moynihan Station in New York City, saw plenty of celebrity faces, like Ciara and Sarah Jessica Parker, but Hathaway looked preternaturally incredible.

We have already established that she looks great as a blonde, particularly given her awesome debut into the light-haired club via the Met Gala earlier this week. But last night’s outfit — insert tons of the toothy AIM smiley faces — looked absurdly stunning. I realize I sound like I’m just excessively gushing (lulz) and it probably seems like I’m faking it (lulz x2), but I really did gasp when I first saw her look. We do a lot of “Fashion Disasters,” but in this case, it’s all thumbs up, baby.


She has such a great smile and terrific posture, so I feel like she looks great all the time, but in this case, her hair, makeup, dress — everything just looks so beautiful.

Plus, she looked hella cute with husband Adam Shulman.


People can hate on Hathaway all they want, but in the past year alone, she has proven herself — more than ever before, and she was already pretty snazzy — that she is well-spoken, honest and able to pick wedding dresses like nobody’s business. I may not love her performances all the time, but I am down with her as a celebrity. One thing’s for sure: she’s significantly more wonderful and deserves far less hate than, say, Chris f’ing Brown.

Photos: Getty Images & Drew Altizer/