Some people like to channel their favorite Disney princess on Halloween while others prefer to go for a proper scary look with all the blood, guts and gore. If you fall into the latter camp, this is the post for you. Disclaimer: If you just ate or you don’t want to get nightmares, perhaps you’re better off sticking with glitter or unicorn makeup looks instead because these bloody FX makeup looks could haunt your dreams for awhile.

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Scroll down to see 14 bloody makeup ideas that will spook everyone on Halloween:

1. “Werewolf Attack” Makeup

You could dress up as a werewolf for Halloween. If you want something gorier, you can dress up as someone who got attacked by one.


2. Stitched Mouth

Snitches get stitches…… #halloweenisthatyou #makeupbycmarie #specialfx #sewnmouth #horrormakeup #bloodymouth

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That pink and purple eyeshadow is flawless, but it’s really this sewn mouth that we’re looking at.


3. Broken Pencil Makeup

This FX makeup is amaze. You want to know the back story behind the snapped pencil.


4. Laura

This sets a whole scene with the bloody claws combined with the splatters on her face.


5. Neck Wound Makeup

Pro tip: Match your lipstick to the fake blood in your FX neck wound to really play up the red.


6. “Can in the Eye” Makeup

The old “can in the eye” makeup is something that never gets old or any less gross.


7. Bloody Teeth Makeup

Forget about the white contacts, take a look at those bloody teeth.


8. Bloody Tears Makeup

Fairies don't live in darkness; darkness lives in them ✨ . . Makeup by Raemie Reyes of @idohairandmakeupartistry . . Products used: • @morphebrushes Picasso palette • @maccosmetics pigment in Gesso • @lashesinabox • @stilacosmetics Glint EP lipgloss • @kryolanofficial anti shine colorless powder • @bennyemakeup color cake foundation • @nyxcosmetics milk jumbo liner • @maccosmetics silver dusk highlight • hair/model: @daniealey ? . . . #lifeofamakeupartist #fairy #fairylights #fairymakeup #makeup #halloweenmakeup #bloodymakeup #mua #raemiemakeup #fairies #fairydust #crying #cryingblood #sfx #specialeffectsmakeup #specialfxmakeup #stila #maccosmetics #morphe #morphegirl #beautymakeup #arizonamakeup #arizonamakeupartist #tucsonmakeupartist

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The fastest way to take a pretty pink fairy makeup look and turn it creepy? Add some bloody tears.


9. Cheek and Head Wound

One word: Ouch.


10. Bloody Cheek Makeup

Do you believe that this look used only three makeup products?


11. The Countess Makeup

Remember Lady Gaga‘s fabulous character The Countess from American Horror Story? Recreate it and don’t forget the blood.


12. Vampire Makeup

You cannot have some Dracula makeup without a bit of blood. This look even has it coming out of the eyes.


13. Bloody Nutty

The two colored eyes and green wig are captivating, but we cannot overlook that blood.


14. Bloody Zipper Makeup

There are a lot of creepy zipper makeup looks. When you combine a bloody face with flawless lashes, it’s spook-tacular.