Our love of makeup can put a major dent in our wallets given the number of new product launches every month. While there are some products that are definitely worth the splurge, we cannot splurge on everything that we like, otherwise we wouldn’t have any money left. However, we’re not going to sacrifice quality for price. We want good products and good prices. Enter: The new Bobbi Brown Crushed Lip Colors ($29).

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The Crushed Lip Colors aren’t quite as cheap as our favorite drugstore lippies, but they are in comparison to other luxury lipsticks on the market which can sell for $30, $40 and even $50. The Crushed Lip Colors are also cheaper than other Bobbi Brown Lipsticks including the Extra Lip Tints ($34) and the Luxe Lip Color ($37).


What makes the Crushed Lip Colors extra special is that they look like lipsticks but deliver the same comfortable feel as a balm. The result is a pigmented lipstick look that is comfortable to wear.

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The Crushed Lip Colors are available in 20 flattering colors that range from soft pinks to classic reds to flattering browns. In keeping with Bobbi Brown’s “enhance what you’ve naturally got” ethos, there are a number of easy-to-wear “no makeup” shades.

Feeling like a Queen in Regal Crushed Lip Color #lipcrush

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And here’s more good news for you: This is just the start of a new lower-priced range of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. WWD reports that the Crushed Lip Colors are the first of three new lower-priced launches that are coming out over the next year. There’s a complexion product scheduled for January 2018 along with another lippy for Fall 2018, and they’re expected to be 15 to 20% less than the current Bobbi Brown collection.