This is what they are doing in Japan. So we should probably expect Lady Gaga to be doing it in, oh, two months, tops.

According to The Daily Mail:

Using only acrylic paints, these incredibly realistic images are enough to make anyone look twice.

Creative Chooo-San, aged 19, a first year student at Musashino Art Universityin Tokyo, Japan, paints misplaced mouths, extra eyes and eerie robotic extras to the human body…. [she says] ‘They are all painted on skin directly and I don’t use computers or anything to change the picture afterwards.’

It’s pretty neat that this is all done with paint in the era of photoshop. And if you want to set yourself apart from mainstream society, there’s probably no better way to do that than adding an additional pair of eyeballs. Because it’s a look that says “I legitimately come from a different planet than you do.”
Still, I’m not sure how impressive this would be in 3D since eyes and lips have depth and aren’t just jarring, flat surfaces. But wow, the pictures are striking. Check all of them out at The Daily Mail, and figure out whether you would want to look like you could unzip your head from your neck. I’m guessing the answer depends on how much you loved that ghost story about the woman with the black ribbon growing up.