If your Instagram feed is overflowing with more #nomakeup selfies than usual, it might not be a coincidence. As of yesterday, it’s #BodyConfidenceWeek2014– a week devoted to breaking down oppressive beauty standards through the power of iPhone cameras. Created by YouTuber/blogger Aly Bongo, this photo challenge is meant to take us out of our comfort zones, make us celebrate our so-called imperfections, and give us an opportunity to feel proud of our appearances. Hell yeah.

If you want to participate, the rules are simple. Each day this week, follow Aly’s guidelines and post a photo to Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, or wherever else. Hashtag it with #bodyconfidenceweek2014, and be sure to leave encouraging comments and likes for other people! You can see some more detailed instructions here, but here’s the gist:

  • Monday: Take a photo of yourself as you are. Whatever that means to you. Wet hair, no makeup, straight out of the gym, on your way to work. Say something that you like about yourself.
  • Tuesday: Post a photo that you love of yourself. Tell us why you feel good about it!
  • Wednesday: Post a photo of yourself that you used to be insecure about. “Something that you used to cover up,” Aly says in her video, “or maybe a piece of clothing that you thought you couldn’t pull off.”
  • Thursday: Post an old photo of yourself. Say something positive about it.
  • Friday: Post a photo of someone you love or admire. Say why you think they are beautiful.
  • Saturday: Post a photo of yourself in beachwear or summer clothes. “Let’s just embrace it,” Aly says.
  • Sunday: Post a photo of something you like about yourself as a person. Something that you’re proud of, something that you’re good at, something you don’t give yourself enough credit for.

I couldn’t be more excited for this project. If you’re participating, don’t be afraid to tell us your Instagram handle so we can check out your photos!