Hi, everyone. I’m a fat girl. Now before you get all unsettled because I used the word “fat” and not “plus size,” let me first tell you that I am fat and I don’t consider it a bad word. It’s an adjective, like “tall” or “brunette.” It’s used to describe my body and on my own terms. It’s only when people give negative connotations to the word ‘fat’ that it becomes an insult. Unfortunately, many people find my fatness offensive, so calling me fat is used as a tool to hurt my feelings. Well, it actually doesn’t anymore, but thanks for trying, lovely people on the street! I’ve moved beyond caring about the label I give myself and others angrily give me, but a few things I haven’t moved beyond yet. Some things just really suck for fat people.

Shopping is a nightmare, even though stores are slowly catching on the fact that fat girls like to wear bikinis and aren’t afraid of rocking a crop top. Everyone has a comment on your body and feels the need to tell you, and regular social situations become anxiety ridden nightmares because of how people react to your larger body. It sucks, I’m pissed about it, and I’m here to complain. C’mon fat girls. Sit down, relax, and read with me all the annoying things we have to endure as the big ladies that we are.

1. When people tell you, “You’re not fat, you’re beautiful.”

Oh my God, just stop yourself. That’s the biggest backhanded compliment I’ve ever heard. Beautiful and fat are not mutually exclusive.

2. Chub Rub is the enemy.

It’s been a long day of dress wearing, you finally get home and lay in bed, and your thighs are ON FIRE. I struggled with this for a long time before I discovered Monistat Soothing Care Chafing Relief Powder Gel. It’s a miracle product.

3. Squeezing by people gives you anxiety.

You must squish your butt against everything in your path. Every person between you and where you’re going gets a face full of butt. This is why I like aisle seats.

4. Public transportation is the worst.

That little subway seat outline is meant for one ass only, and you’re gonna sit on it even if your one ass is bigger than theirs. People on either side of you will either adjust or curse your fatness under their breath.

5. When you say you don’t like being cat called, people say you should be flattered.

Just because one person thinks an unwanted whisper of “SO SEXY” right into your ear as you walk by a man is a compliment doesn’t mean we think so too. It’s not like it’s the only one I’ve ever gotten in the history of my sad, fat life, so stop saying this.

6. When you sit down on the roller coaster, you hope that the seatbelt will close. 

You also hope it’s click-click-clicked down far enough so you don’t fall off and die.

7. Your clothes cost more than “straight sizes.”

That is of course unless you thrift everything or settle for cheap clothes with ugly patterns (I’m looking at you, cherries and skulls).

8. Not liking the term “plus size.”

And also potentially not liking the term “fat,” “chubby,” “voluptuous,” “big boned,” or any of the other words to describe your body.

9. All sizes fit you differently. 

You fit into a L – 3X depending on the store and the clothing item, so you need to try literally everything on…

10. …which is difficult when all the cute clothes you want are online.

It’s such a hassle. I just want to walk into a store, try stuff on, buy it and leave. But noooooo, I need to track my purchases and send half of it back!

11. You get judged if you’re eating too much and judged if you’re eating too little.

The fat girl is either stuffing herself or watching her weight. She just cannot win.

12. Everyone feels entitled to their opinion on your body and doesn’t mind sharing it with you.

Yes, Aunt Whomever, I do fill out these pants nicely, don’t I?

13. Going shopping with smaller friends and only trying on jewelry and shoes.

I have so many unwanted cheap earrings. SO MANY.

14. Plus size models only seem to have one body type.

No big round bellies, no butts, no thunder thighs. Give me arm flap or give me death.

15. The crotch of your pants wears out too quickly.

I’ve killed many a pair of jeans this way. May their souls rest in pieces.

16. Doctors are always disappointed that you’re overweight, even if you’re just there about your sinus infection.

I tried to switch from a medication that gave me intense and debilitating headaches to one that *might* make me gain some weight and the doctor basically told me that headaches were a small price to pay to stay thinner. I almost slapped him.

17. Plus size models don’t actually seem plus sized to you. 

Oh, you’re a size 10? Please, tell me more about how trying to find clothes is hard for you.

18. People think you’re not in a relationship because you’re too fat for one.


19. Fear of one day getting kicked off an airplane.

I don’t even want to think about this one.

20. People think it’s either inspiring or pathetic when you exercise.

But really, you just felt like taking a damn walk that day.


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