beyonce butt celebrity body parts

I think we can all agree that getting plastic surgery to look like a celebrity is a terrible, terrible idea. Everyone has different bone structure, and the chances of getting Beyonce’s face on your own head are basically nil. Even in the case of serious injuries involving full face transplants, the face recipient does not tend to look much like the donor. But that does not stop people from trying to Single White Female celebrities through the power of surgery.

The most popular celebrity duplicates are Jennifer Aniston and Hugh Jackman, according to Jamie Sherrill of the Beauty Park Medical Spa in California, who told the Daily Mail that she’s seen clients pay up to $100,000 to try to look exactly like Aniston or Jackman.

Even when people aren’t asking to be turned into celebrity doppelgangers, they like to tear features out of magazines and ask for celebrity body parts to be surgically attached to them. Super popular options include Angelina Jolie’s lips, Katy Perry’s skin, Keira Knightley’s jawline, Beyonce’s butt, and Megan Fox’s eyes.

Of course, we started mentally Photoshopping ourselves into a celebrity composite of our own. Lots of celebrities have remarkable features, like Cara Delvingne’s eyebrows, Julianne Moore’s hair, Lupita Nyong’o’s eyes, Angelina Jolie’s cheekbones, and Gwen Stefani’s abs.

If I could pick any celebrity feature to lift off and paste onto myself, I would probably pick the skin of Dita Von Teese or Cate Blanchett or the legs of RuPaul.

Your turn: What celebrity body part would you most want?