dubai gold weight loss

Concerned about its obesity crisis, Dubai has decided to bribe its citizens to lose weight by offering to pay them actual gold in exchange for lost pounds.

As part of a campaign called “Your Weight in Gold,” the city of Dubai is offering residents a gram of gold, worth about $42, for every kilogram (2.2 pounds) of weight lost in a 30-day period.

The weight-loss month started on July 19 and ends August 16. The campaign coincides with the fast of Ramadan, which will probably make the endeavor much easier.

“Ramadan is the most appropriate season to launch such initiatives as it reminds us about many health benefits of reducing weight and encourages us to take strong steps to change our bad lifestyles,” Dubai official Hussein Lootah said on the campaign’s website.

To participate a resident must lost at least two kilograms, or 4.4 pounds. For that the person will get two grams of gold, plus a gram for every kilogram lost after that. There’s no upward limit on how much a person can earn by losing weight in this program, according to Lootah.

Additionally, the three people who lose the most weight will be entered in a drawing to win a gold coin worth $5,400.

Dubai has been very concerned with rising obesity levels over the past years. According to the World Health Organization, 40 percent of women in the UAE qualify as obese.

The program is open to people of all income levels, but it specifies people who enter must have excess weight to lose and avoid unhealthy ways of losing weight, presumably to try to stop people from harming themselves for government-sponsored money. It’s unclear how that would possibly be enforced, however, as the program seems to rely exclusively on two weigh-ins for its information.

Via The Daily Mail/Photo: Shutterstock