verily magazine no photoshop

We spend a lot of time looking at Photoshop disasters and wondering just WTF the computer wizard handling the blur tool was aiming for. In addition to adding random limbs and making real people look like dolls, sometimes they even make very attractive people look significantly less attractive, which is always bewildering. (Like this Hugo Boss fragrance ad where Jared Leto was Photoshopped to look like Seth Green. Not that Seth Green isn’t a good-looking dude, but why would you hire a famous looker like Leto and smoosh his face till he looked like Seth Green?)

But Verily, a fashion and lifestyle mag that intends to “reflect our lives” and “our philosophies as women,” has a mandate to celebrate “real women,” but it isn’t trotting out that tired “real women have curves and the rest of you are gardening implements” shtick. The point is celebrating real women versus shiny, poreless monsters generated in Photoshop.

“Whereas other magazines artificially alter images in Photoshop to achieve the so-called ideal body type or leave a maximum of three wrinkles, Verily never alters the body or face structure of the verily models,” the magazine says.

That doesn’t preclude using Photoshop to adjust the brightness or contrast, so the photos still look pretty and professional. But they allow bulges and wrinkles and freckles to remain, and somehow everyone still looks great.

Verily’s Ashley Crouch told The Huffington Post that, “the unique features of women, whether crows feet, freckles, or a less-than-rock-hard body, are aspects that contribute to women’s beauty and should be celebrated – not shamed, changed or removed.”

We especially like their “Runway to Realway” features, where they create runway-reminiscent looks on women who are not professional models, using cheaper options from H&M or Zara. The models still have excellent makeup and hair and flattering lighting, and everyone looks great. It definitely seems to be working to make fashion without Photoshop seem more accessible and achievable to more of the women of the world, without making it any less fun.

Via The Huffington Post/Photos: Verily