Is there anything the world cares about more than the body of a woman who has recently had a baby? Kate Middleton left her home again today, giving the world another opportunity to inspect her post-baby shape and confirm that yes, she actually is thin again. But this time, on her third official appearance after having given birth to Prince George three months ago, something amazing happened: everyone saw her Kate Middleton’s post-baby stomach.

The duchess attended a workshop for the SportsAid charity, of which she is a patron, wearing a Smythe blazer and Ralph Lauren striped shirt, cropped skinny jeans, and a pair of 5” cork wedges by Russell and Bromley. While she was there, she decided to join in on the volleyball court, in spite of those 5” shoes.

But then it happened — as she reached for the ball her shirt went up and exposed her bare midriff. All the photographers present must have jumped to attention, knowing they were about to sell a million pictures, because her stomach was as flat and toned as it had ever been.

We don’t really know what else people expected to see under there, because she’s been wearing slim tops and skinny jeans regularly and was obviously in very good shape. But the world loves a good post-baby body reveal. Because, you know, obviously the primary goal and duty of any woman who has just had a baby is to return as quickly as possible to looking like a woman who has not had a baby.

Honestly, the duchess was always a thin and athletic woman with a lot of resources, and some women’s bodies quickly start looking the way they did pre-pregnancy. Others do not. In this case, we’re more impressed with the duchess’ impromptu volleyball playing. In those shoes, we doubt we’d survive.

Via E! Online/Photo: Getty