kim kardashian workout selfie

The “healthie,” or workout selfie, was one of the more annoying selfie trends of 2013. Dozens of celebrities spammed Instagram with pictures of themselves smiling beatifically while contorted into yoga poses in front of sunsets and Vitamix blenders. Of course, it was only a matter of time before Kim Kardashian joined in.

“Getting right for the new year,” she said, alongside an Instagram picture of herself and her friend Blac Chyna, both posing in bra tops and workout pants.

Kim and her friend look amazing in the picture, but Kim’s waist looks even tinier than usual. The Miranda Kerr selfie Photoshop debacle has us looking more closely at the backgrounds of celebrity body selfies lately, and we can’t help but notice that the door behind Kardashian curves in significantly at waist level, starting below her upraised elbow. Did she Photoshop her waist smaller, or does she live in an MC Escher house?

In her second picture, the door frame is still bendy, but in a different shape.

We suppose it is conceivable that Kim is taking pictures in a magic, wobbly Willy Wonka room with architectural details by Salvador Dali, but it really seems more likely that she is using the same selfie editing program Miranda Kerr used to make her waist look smaller and her house all wobbly.

This selfie-editing trend is a shame. Selfies are often touted as a way for celebrities to give fans an inside look into their real lives, but at this point they’re getting as airbrushed and staged as any magazine cover.