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There’s not a whole lot that’s funnier than the faces men make when getting their pubic hair waxed off, which is just what is happening in this hilarious video. 20 brave dudes volunteered to get their junk waxed to raise awareness for testicular cancer in this ad, called, “Not-the-Sac Wax.” From the faces they make, we are not sure they knew what they were getting into.

We do not normally take pleasure in the suffering of others, so this is making us feel a little guilty for how hard we’ve been laughing whenever we hit “play again.” But still, it’s freaking hilarious.

The dudes all look a little nervous as they lie down on the spa table. Some seem amused, others seem apprehensive. We particularly like the guy who made a friend pour whiskey down his throat.

Then the waxing starts, complete with screaming and flailing. One guy shouted so hard he spit his gum into the camera.

The video was produced as part of a campaign to raise awareness of testicular cancer, which affects young men as well as old. According to Nerve, testicular cancer occurs most commonly in men between the ages of 15 and 29, when few people are worried about getting cancer. Doctors advise men to inspect their testicles for lumps and early signs of cancer, but many do not.

“Expose your balls so you can check ’em regularly,” the ad says at the end.

We doubt this is going to make anybody want to sign up for a Brazilian wax of their own, but it’s certainly funny and could well remind people that they should inspect themselves for signs of cancer. Luckily, that can be done without waxing anything.

(Video: YouTube/CrushFX)