It’s so common to see women on magazines Photoshopped into some kind of chitinous, spindly, segmented monster that we don’t always look twice unless something truly bizarre is going on (like this model who could destroy Tokyo in her high-low dress, or this picture of Megan Fox Photoshopped to look like another woman entirely). But it’s not just women’s magazines that are going crazy with the office copy of CS Elements, the men are at it as well. Sometimes it takes a really ridiculous monster man to remind us of that.

Check out this horrifying cover of Men’s Fitness, where the model on the cover has been Photoshopped into a giant-headded, tiny-hipped, insectoid monster with a million abs and some kind of radioactive hip bones that illuminate from within. It looks like the Sarlacc is going to jump out of this guy’s stomach.

Wolverine is in the bottom corner looking up like, “I realize I am a comic book hero, but this is ridiculous.”

The model on the cover doesn’t even look like a comic book hero; he looks like a badly drawn 90s comic book hero.

The most appalling thing about this Men’s Fitness Photoshop disaster is that this is ostensibly a magazine about fitness. They’re supposed to be helping people achieve physical goals, not holding up pixelated physical ideals nobody could possibly achieve without chronic pain and an inability to stand upright, and possibly a freaky alien monster carving out a home in one’s abdomen. This is an egregious example, but it’s good to keep in mind how much Photoshop is being done to fitness magazine covers even when we don’t notice it.

Via PSDisasters/Photo: Men’s Health