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The idea of having to work out in front of my mother sounds like a special type of cruel and unusual torture, so I did not think there was any way this viral video of a mother-daughter duo losing 74 pounds in 100 days could move or inspire me. I was wrong.

Cheryl Shaw said she’s a single mom, and her kids said they were worried about how big she had gotten. “I’m all they have,” she said. “They depend on me.”

She also describes herself as an emotional eater and said she recognized the same tendency in her 17-year-old daughter, Tessa.

“I don’t want her to have a lifetime of this,” Cheryl said.

So with a high-five–which seemed a bit half-hearted on Tessa’s part but I could just be projecting–they decided to be partners for a 100-day weight loss challenge, and the video they posted is as inspiring as a Rocky training montage. Tessa seemed to get into it really quickly, and just the footage of them doing pull-ups to Katy Perry‘s “Roar” made my eyes pop out. I couldn’t do a pull-up to save myself from falling off a cliff. Those are some powerful ladies.

And they’re powerful in more ways than just physical strength, because they owned that 100-day challenge like bosses.

“My mom just worked 12 hours in the ER and we’re still going to go for a run,” Tessa said at one point, while cuddling an extremely cute pet chinchilla.

I personally cannot even imagine the willpower it must take to go out for a run after working 12 hours in an emergency room! I now feel really lame for every single time I have ever said, “Bleh, blogging has made me too tired to do anything but dick around on the Internet tonight.” (Typing that sentence pretty much means I have to go out and get some exercise now, doesn’t it? Cheryl and Tessa are already inspiring people!)

At the end of 100 days, Cheryl had lost 42 pounds and Tessa lost 32. The most awesome thing is how excited they get about their own progress. They both seem really happy and energetic by the end of the video.

“This morning we did our 70 squats and my booty is looking phenomenal,” Tessa sings.

And they say they’re not stopping at 100 days, either. They’re still going and posting a new video every day at giveit100.com/motherdaughter. Check it out for more inspiring high-fives and Katy Perry.

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(Video: YouTube/Giveit100)