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Stock photo databases have a surprising number of photos for “nude yoga.”

College is an excellent time to be naked. If you go to school in a temperate climate, you should just strip down now and not put on any clothes until you’re 27. I went to school in the middle of a forest in New England, and I still genuinely regret not being more naked during college.

I was a total square during college. I did the polar bear swim in a bathing suit and blushed at all the naked people around me, who seemed to be having more fun than I was even though they were naked in the snow. For four years I wore blouses with collars that tied in bows, frittering away all my “running around naked because you’re 20 and who the fuck cares” time.

But maybe not so many Brown University students will have to look back at their degrees and say, “I wish I’d spent more time naked,” because this week is Nudity Week there. Students are enjoying nude body painting, nude yoga classes, and other all-nude events, including nude cabaret and nude open mic night. For their sakes, I hope it’s warm.

The students who planned the event say they want their classmates to think about body image, ability, and power. I think they should also think about how much fun it is being in college.

Once you graduate, life will be full of situations where you have to wear pants. After college, you basically have to wear pants all the time, like some kind of grown-up. It sucks.

I was watching Conversations With My 2-Year-Old the other week, and in one episode the 2-year-old says she does not want to wear pants.

“Nobody wants to wear pants,” her father says, “but that’s just the way the world works.”

His words have become practically a greeting in my house. As soon as the door opens, one hears shoes coming off as someone says, “Nobody wants to wear pants!” The pants would probably come off even before the shoes, if only the shoes weren’t in the way.

If you have the opportunity to just run around naked and not give a shit, take it if you have any inclination to do so. Your adult lives will be full of pants, all the time.

Via The Frisky/Image: Shutterstock