shutterstock_130110392__1378742338_74.134.205.46Veronica Valdez had a minor operation on October 11, 2011 and when she woke up she discovered that the anesthesiologist had created a mustache and drawn yellow tears on her face while she was under anesthesia. Now, I’m sure Veronica has an okay sense of humor but if anyone pulled this prank on me I’d be pissed as hell. Surgery, no matter how minor is scary! Being put under is scary! Veronica obviously feels the same way because she is suing the hospital. From The Huffington Post:

A Southern California hospital is under fire after a former patient and employee has come forward with a humiliating photo taken while she was anesthetized for a procedure in Oct. 2011.

Veronica Valdez, 27, is suing Torrance Memorial Hospital because an anesthesiologist took the liberty of decorating her face with a mustache and teardrops while she was unconscious. A nursing attendant then snapped a photo of Valdez’s face, which was seen around the medical office where Valdez also used to work.

In the lawsuit, Valdez says that her humiliation over the photo grew so intense that she eventually had to step down from her job. Now, two years later, she’s suing the hospital to make sure patients never have to go through a similar experience.

According to the article, the picture of Veronica was even plastered all over Facebook.The article also states that Veronica was pals with the anesthesiologist who did this to her, and he has since been disciplined. I really can’t blame her for being pissy about this. I can’t think of anytime you are more vulnerable as when you are out and a doctor is operating on you. It doesn’t instill a ton of confidence thinking that your medical team are a bunch of jokesters.

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