We’re always pleased to hear when someone is happy with their body, and if that comes after an intense and grueling weight loss program, that’s good for them.  Yesterday’s video of the mother-daughter duo that lost 74 pounds in 100 days by becoming workout buddies was one of the most inspiring things we’ve ever seen. But it’s hard to get excited about this woman who lost 128 pounds, because her reason for doing it was so sad.

According to The Daily Mail, Cearra Swetman from Florida was out minding her own business and wearing a Hooters restaurant T-shirt when some drunk asshole came blustering up to her and told her she was too fat to be wearing a Hooters shirt. Apparently her body size impugned the honor of the breastaurant, or something.

Swetman is a mother of three and an undergrad studying business, which are not insignificant time-sucks, but in the past year she has lost 128 pounds—more than half her body weight—and has been vindicated by the fact that she is now a part-time Hooters waitress.

Swetman actually credits the drunk asshole who insulted her with being “honest.” He wasn’t being honest; he was being an asshole. She wasn’t too fat to wear a Hooters T-shirt. A Hooters T-shirt does not have to be earned or deserved. It’s a T-shirt. If it goes over your body, you can wear it.

The Daily Mail likes to run weight loss stories, and a lot of those stories involve a person who was inspired to lose weight after someone said something nasty to them or they had a humiliating experience. Personally, I hate that narrative because it validates all the fat-shaming jerks who think they have the right to be cruel to strangers and then say it’s about health.

Some of The Daily Mail‘s commenters are applauding the random, Hooters-loving drunk who insulted Swetman, and even saying that Swetman owes him gifts.

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But that is bullshit. Nobody makes nasty comments to fat people out of a legitimate concern for anyone’s health, especially since insulting people for their weight is much more likely to lead to weight increases than weight loss. People who are cruel to strangers because of their weight do it because they are assholes, and if asshole behavior occasionally goads someone into making a physical change so as to not be subject to the cruelty of assholes anymore, that still does not absolve the initial asshole.

(Photo: Wikimedia Commons, The Daily Mail)