Trigger Warning


Blogger Miss Shapen over at Weirdly Shaped has posted some of my favorite fitness-related images ever to grace the internet and I think you guys are going to love them, too. Because we seriously need an antidote to all the shame-y, problematic information and images masquerading as RAH-RAH motivational kick-assness for your health and fitness.


To participate in sports bra company Panache‘s “Support Every Move” campaign in January, she came up with the idea of shooting herself wearing a Panache sports bra. When the idea for her first photo shoot fell through, she was perusing the company’s Pinterest board, looking for inspiration, when she realized that many of the fitness and wellness images being pinned weren’t necessarily “supportive,” if you know what I mean. In fact, they were body-shaming. She writes:

“…it made me sad to see so many people considering shaming and extreme levels of dieting and exercise as their means to fitness, and it inspired me to do what many others have done before me: create an alternative.  I think we can not have enough alternatives to Thinspo and Pro-Ana memes that shame people into starving themselves to try to attain an unrealistic and unhealthy beauty aesthetic.”

So she created that alternative herself. Miss Shapen has turned the language of the common, familiar Pinterest fitspiration and thinspiration upside down, creating images that poke fun at the ideas inherent in fitspo while also grounding her message in acceptance, reality, and positivity.

weirdly-shaped-fitspo-1 weirdly-shaped-fitspo-2 weirdly-shaped-fitspo-3

I love that she used herself in the photos. I love that she looks strong and happy. I love that she’s shown herself in different situations: working out, lounging around, being a normal woman in a normal life who cares about her body—just as much as she cares about her emotional and mental well being.

So much about the fitness world is fake, meant to sell us products or shame us into thinness and health. Miss Shapen’s images awesomely remind us to think twice about what motivates us, as well as remember that fitness and health look different for every woman. Now, I’m off to pin the hell out of these on my own Pinterest boards.

All photos via Weirdly Shaped