We may not always love everything about our bodies, but every once in a while a story comes along to remind us that things could be much, much worse, like the British woman whose botched boob job left her with a raging infection and permanently disfigured breasts. When people start throwing words like “fat necrosis” around, we will stick with our slightly uneven boobs and inverted nipples, thank you very much.

According to the Daily Mail, 30-year-old Nicole Burnett took an extra job to pay for the breast implants she wanted to get after losing a lot of weight. Instead of making her happy, the weight loss just made her more insecure about other areas of her body. Burnett said her breasts dropped three cup sizes, and she was so unhappy with the results that she wouldn’t remove her bra in front of her partner.

“I used to go to the gym in padded bras and put sports bras on top of them so people wouldn’t notice the sagging in my breasts,’ she said. “The relationship I was in at the time suffered because I wouldn’t remove my bra, even when going to bed at night and when I took my bra off, it didn’t feel right because my breasts were sagging like an old woman’s.”

That’s really sad. We can’t help but feel sorry for someone that ashamed of her breasts. Her insecurity over their new shape sounds like it was really affecting her life and relationships, so we’re not really surprised she decided to start saving up for surgical enhancement.

Breast implants in the UK are very expensive, so Burnett started researching medical tourism—where people travel abroad to get surgeries at a lower cost than they’d get at home. Burnett flew to Turkey to get her breast implants, which still cost enough that she had to take on a second job to save up for them.

At first she loved the results, telling the Daily Mail:

“They [the new breasts] were perfect – exactly what I was looking for. They looked great and I thought that was the start of a new me.”

But then something started to go wrong. Her right breast started to grow significantly larger. Her left breast remained the same, but the scar opened up and started to turn yellow.

“There was a lot of pain and some leakage started coming out. Over the course of the next couple of days, things just kept getting worse. The right breast was huge and it felt so sore, it felt like it was going to burst.”

When she finally rushed to the hospital because something was clearly wrong, doctors said the left breast was severely infected, and the right one had developed a pocket of fluid. Both implants had to be removed, and Burnett said her breasts were much worse than before. The right one remained huge, and both sagged around where the implants had been.

She was given another surgery in an attempt to remove any remaining infection and to try to even them out a bit, but because of the fat necrosis left behind by the infection, doctors told Burnett she should not attempt to replace the implants.

Burnett’s ordeal sounds really awful. As much as we like to sit around talking about what surgeries we might get, this just serves to remind us that plastic surgery technology is not perfect or reliable. It could have happened anywhere. Rather than having to deal with a lifetime of potential literal and figurative scars, maybe we’ll just work on that whole “loving ourselves” thing our moms are always talking about.

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