Oh, happy day. Kerry Campbell, now infamous as Botox Mom, gave a signed letter to TMZ admitting the whole thing was a hoax. Kerry Campbell, turns out, is actually Sheena Upton and Upton, or so she says, was originally approached by The Sun to “play the roll” of Campbell.

Styleite points out that Bella Sugar was the first to call bullshit on this and did the journalist legwork back in March:

First of all, this sensational story is from The Sun, which is unapologetically a tabloid. Then, there’s scarce evidence that the little girl and mother exist as they’re presented in the story. The pair, who are called Kerry and Britney Campbell in the piece, have almost no online footprint. The California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology has no record of a Kerry Campbell, and there isn’t anyone with a similar name licensed in the San Francisco area. Even a search of Yelp and Facebook didn’t turn up anything.

And if Britney is competing in Bay Area beauty pageants, she should probably show up somewhere on their websites, but I checked several and found nothing. Nanette Mathias of California’s Our Little Miss organization also told me that its pageants don’t allow girls to compete if they’re using adult treatments like Botox and waxing.

Kind of embarrassing for Good Morning America, though.

Now the question is: are you relieved… or just as (if not more) disgusted?