bradley cooper and amy adams

What does Bradley Cooper have in common with Shirley Temple, besides the fact that they were both considered for the leading role in The Hangover Part II? You might be surprised.

My future wife Amy Adams looks predictably amazing on the cover of January’s Vanity Fair— and what she has to say inside is even more delightful. The bona fide Disney Princess talks about Christmas plans with her young family, her upcoming movie, and, yes, Bradley Cooper’s beauty secrets. But we’ll get to that last part in a second.

First, how cute of a mom is she? The 39-year-old actress says she’s spending a quiet Christmas at home with her adorably-named daughter, Aviana, who doesn’t realize she’s rich, apparently:

It’s really sweet because my daughter doesn’t really understand the haul she could get at Christmas. And so she really asks for one or two things. I’m hoping I can keep it that way. I’m not sure that’s realistic. But this year she wants a big Ariel doll and a scooter.

Maybe it’s because I always picture Adams as her wide-eyed character from Enchanted, but somehow I find this quote really endearing and not phony. I’ve given plenty of celebrities hell for pretending they “don’t even try” or that they “don’t even have that much money, really,” but for whatever reason, I buy it when it comes from Amy. (Even though she once claimed she’s bland and ugly without makeup, which is just, like, come on.)


But even if I found out her humility is all an act, I’d let her off the hook after the amazing secret she revealed about her American Hustle costar:

Bradley Cooper did not wear a wig, nor did he have a perm. Bradley Cooper came in every morning and had tight pink curlers put in his hair. So, no matter what time of day I had to arrive on set, it seemed Bradley was always in his pink perm rollers under the heater.

Incredible. People‘s Sexiest Man Alive from 2011 walked around looking like one of the Pink Ladies from Grease at a sleepover. Look at me, I’m Bradley C!

grease still

Thanks for being lovely, Amy Adams, and thanks for lighting up my life with a mental image of the mean guy from Wedding Crashers looking like my grandma.

Via E! / Photos: Getty, Tumblr, Grease (1978)