Our first Brag Shamelessly About Your Body Post comes from one of our favorite commenters, Lindsay Cross. Lindsay’s cankles are ridiculously hot. And you can check out more cankle cartoons at Running With High Heels.We want to hear what weird stuff you like about yourself too, and you can reach us at Jennifer@thegloss.com or Lilit@thegloss.com.

The minute I read your request for odd things we like about ourselves, I knew I had a story to share.  Sorry, I can’t write poetry worth a shit, (I tried, it’s painful to look back on).  No haikus for me.

I’m the younger sister, and I was always the skinnier one.  Looking back, I realize that must have been difficult for my sister.  And to compensate, she found the one thing there was to hate about my body and picked on me about it shamelessly.  In 8th grade, I was already 5’8 and by high school, I was a full 5’10.  The oddest thing about this is that my torso belongs on a person whose 5’3.  My legs are just insanely long, and apparently they don’t want to stop.  They run straight into my feet, no ankle at all.  When I was pregnant, I think my ankles were the same size as my thighs.
So yea, cankles puts it mildly.  I have really long legs that end in a really thick ankle.  In middle school, my sister teased me so much that I spent an entire summer in jeans.  I refused to wear shorts and show anyone my cankles.
Then, I hit high school.  And suddenly, I was allowed to wear high heels.  What do you know?  A pair of stilettos solves my problem perfectly.  I think I wore skirts with heels most of my freshman year.  This might have contributed to me getting a senior boyfriend.  And there’s been no looking back.  I wear heels as often as I can manage it.
But a funny thing happened, I learned that I love my ankles even in flats.  They might not be dainty, but they’re solid.  They support my 3 feet of leg well and I’ve never had a twisted ankle in my life.  These ankles got me through ballet on pointe, cheerleading, gymnastics and now, lots of hiking.  So even if they are cankles, I love them!  Now I think there’s supposed to be a group hug or something.