We never know what beauty looks the internet will come up with. We’ve seen everything form slime liner to, erm, penis-inspired eyeliner to rainbow freckles. The latest look to take online beauty lovers by storm is Bratz Doll makeup.

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You probably remember Bratz Dolls even if you didn’t have a collection of them yourself. They were like Barbies, but with pout-y lips and even fiercer eye makeup. Therefore, you can see why they’re the perfect inspiration for any makeup lover.

The most popular looks involve people recreating makeup based on the Bratz Doll that looks like them. And sometimes, they’re taking it a step further by even coordinating their outfits with their dolls.

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If you don’t look like your favorite Bratz Doll, or think that you don’t really look like Chloe, Yasmin, Sasha, Rayna, or all of the others, don’t worry because as long as you applied some bold eyeshadow, some fierce lashes and a metallic or glossy lip, you can become your very own version of a Bratz doll.