Photo by Barcroft Media/Landov via HuffPost

When we first came across Brazilian 12-year-old Natasha Moraes de Andrade and read that her hair is 5′ 2” long (2” shorter than her whole body) we were like, “That’s some long hair, but is it newsworthy long? We’re not so sure, Brazilian 12-year-old.” We figured she was going to have to do better than that.

But then:

[She] has never had a haircut. But the arduous task of brushing for an hour and a half each day and a $600 yearly shampoo bill have led Moraes de Andrade to finally agree to trim her locks.

An hour and a half of brushing? You are wasting formative years! Brushing hair. Also, $600?? Use some baking soda or something! The kind of upkeep 5′ of hair would require is not something we’ve ever really considered, but it’s pretty startling.

According to The Sun (always dubious) the kid plans to sell her hair for a few grand and then “refurbish her room.” Seemingly apropos of nothing, her mother Catarina then adds, “At the moment she is like a prisoner.”

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