As someone who’s a big fan of any study that condones my bad behavior, I was tickled pink this morning when I stumbled across research that proved those who eat a breakfast that is high in protein and carbs are more likely to stick to their diet.

Personally, I have long believed that all one really needs in life is a cupcake. Shitty day? Cupcake, please. Boyfriend troubles? Cupcake, please. You just found you got a promotion? Cupcake, please. Breakfast anyone? Sure, I’ll take that gigantic cupcake with the extra frosting in the front row, please.

According to Dr. Daniela Jakubowicz of Tel Aviv University in Israel, not only do morning carbs and protein help in keeping us full, but they can also help in curbing cravings for these particular goodies. Did you just hear a bunch of angels sing “Hallelujah?” Because I did.

The 16-week long study consisted of 193 “obese” adults who were either asked to consume a 600-calorie or 300-calorie breakfast. Although each group was required to eat the same amount of calories per day (1,600 calories for men and 1,400 for women), those who had the bigger breakfasts ate a smaller dinner so as to even out the calorie intake. During that initial 16 week period, both groups lost the same amount of weight, but a follow-up period revealed that when:

“…participants were advised to stick to the diet, but could eat more if they were motivated by hunger cravings, the small breakfast group gained 24 pounds, while the big breakfast group lost 15 pounds, on average.”

Of course, nutritionists are not supporting these findings. For some reason they think they know what’s healthy and what’s not. Like years of education can outweigh the facts that come with cold, hard research! Research, people, hands-on research should really hold more water than education, don’t you think?

The nutritionists who were not involved in the study, but were asked their opinion, felt that starting the day off with a sweet treat would just lead to further cravings as well as an overall bad habit. You know what? Life is full of bad habits. Do you know anyone who doesn’t have some sort of habit that, in the end, may be the reason for an early demise? Hell, living in New York City is a bad habit, this coffee I’m drinking is a bad habit and when I max out my credit card later today on things I don’t need that, too, will be called a bad habit.

I’m not suggesting we all jump on the cake for breakfast wagon at once, but I am suggesting that we take a moment to relish in these findings. Let’s linger for a second on the fact that someone, somewhere in the world thinks that cake for breakfast is OK.

Now we can go back to our egg white omelets and freshly-squeezed orange juice. It was nice while it lasted, wasn’t it?