Pop Of Color MakeupDeviating from your favorite brown eyeshadow and nude lipstick is an intimidating prospect for a lot of us. Just looking at some of the colorful eye palettes can scare people. If you put down your beloved Urban Decay Naked palette for just a second, you will see that there are ways to add a hint of color to your beauty look that won’t make you look like Mimi Bobeck wannabe. And putting on red lipstick isn’t the only option.

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Here are 17 easy ways to add some color into your makeup look:

1. Multicolored EyelinerMulticolored Liner

You’ve probably tried gradient hair, but have you thought to try multicolored liner? This is subtle so it doesn’t look like the wacky rainbow eye makeup you wore when you were fourteen.

2. Peach And Teal Eye Makeup Peach And Teal Eye Makeup

You don’t have to give up your favorite neutral shades just because you want to use a bright color. This eye makeup look shows how to successfully combine the two.

3. Ombré LipsOmbre Lips

You can adjust the intensity of this ombré lip to suit your comfort level. If you want a subtler look, tone down your bright lipstick by using a softer shade on the majority of your lips.

4. Pink BlushPink Blush

If you don’t want to try a vibrant eyeashadow or lip color, choose an eye-catching blush and keep the rest of your face natural. Just remember to blend the blush so it doesn’t look streaky.

5. Teal Half-LinerTeal Half Liner

A bit of jeweled-toned eyeliner can play up your neutral eyeshadow. If you don’t like the teal and gold, there are so many other color combinations you could try. Blue and taupe or purple and ivory would work well.

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6. Colored MascaraBlue Mascara

Instead of a look-at-me eyeshadow, try a colored mascara. You only need to use the one product to make your eyes pop.

7. Gradient Pink EyeshadowPink Gradient Eye Makeup

Most of us would think covering our lids in pink eyeshadow would be tricky to pull off. Combing it with a neutral white shadow to create a gradient effect makes it easier to wear. The coordinating colored contacts are optional.

8. Shimmering Green EyelinerShimmering Green Eyeliner

It is difficult to overdo it with colorful liner, unless you color your eye from lid to brow bone. This double filck is an interesting shape.

9. Peach And Purple Eye MakeupCopper And Purple Eye

How pretty is this peach and purple combination? It would be perfect for spring, but you can definitely get away with wearing it now.

10. Eyeliner And MascaraColorful Eyeliner And Mascara

If you’re feeling bold, try a colorful eyeliner and a matching mascara on the bottom lashes. Remember to ground the look with a black mascara on the top lashes.

11. Coral BlushCoral Blush

If winter has done a number on your face, and your complexion is looking a little ghoulish, a good dose of coral blush is a great way to perk it up.

12. Thick Teal Liner Thick Teal Pencil

A good rule to follow is to balance color with black. This is a thick line of teal eyeliner but the black cat eye and lashes stop it from going into an OTT rainbow look.

13. Green Shadow And LinerHalf Green Shadow And Liner

If you apply eyeshadow, you generally apply it across your enter lid. Not in this case. Try using shadow on the inner half of our lid and lower lash line. Then balance it with a thick black cat eye.

14. Colored Mascara On The Bottom LashesColored Macara Bottom Lashes

You don’t need to cover every eyelash in a colorful mascara. Instead of using a shot of bright eyeliner on the bottom, try using your colored mascara just on the bottom lashes.

15. Popsicle-Stained LipsPopsicle Stained Lips

It doesn’t matter whether you call this a reverse ombré lip or a popsicle-stained mouth, it is a fun way to use a bold lipstick without applying it to your entire mouth. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about a precise application.

16. Turquoise Highlight On The Inner Corners EyesTurquoise Highlight Inner Corners

Focus your bright color in one specific area of your eye still creates impact. The light turquoise shadow in the inner corners of the eyes draws attention to your eye, not just the eyeshadow.

17. Easy Blue Half-LinerEasy Blue Half Liner If you’re short on time in the mornings a flick of blue liner on the outer part of your eye will make you look more awake.