I am not a person who is big on makeup. I don’t wear it every time I go out, and when I do wear it, I tend to do the same thing every time: neutral eyeshadow, winged eyeliner (but not too winged) and red lipstick. But recently, while I was participating in a shoot for my friend Debbie‘s t-shirt line (coming soon to an internet store near you!), my makeup artist friend Jess put cosmetics on my face for me, and I discovered that I enjoy having a fuschia mouth just as much as I enjoy having a red one.

As it turns out, red is not the only color that looks nice on lips. Especially when you are modeling zombie Minnie Mouse and zombie middle finger shirts, because those have a lot of pink in them. The color I fell in love with is called Candy Yum Yum, and it’s nice enough that I am wiling to overlook its obnoxious, infantilizing name. Made by MAC, the stuff goes on smoothly and richly, and it smells good, which is always nice.

It looks a little paler than it is in the above photo, so here is one with more saturation. It probably falls somewhere in between these two IRL. (Instagram filters are ruining our perception of reality!)


It adds a novel flash of brightness to my all-black ensembles, but it also makes me want to experiment with some more colorful pieces in a strange sort of Goth/club kid lite mash-up. And judging by how much I liked the (non-red) lipstick all my friends were wearing that day as well, I fear that this is only the beginning. Goodbye, money. Hello, fun cosmetics I do not need but want.


Photo: Debbie Allen