Brigitte Bardot(GIF: Tumblr)

There is something about French girl style that the rest of the world is absolutely obsessed with. Our Gallic sisters are masters of effortless-but-chic fashion and beauty looks. One celebrity that epitomizes this is Brigitte Bardot. People have been trying to copy Brigitte’s sultry makeup, hair and clothes for decades. Her look is timeless, effortless and fashionable. Plus, it is something that is actually wearable for those of us who aren’t movie stars.

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Here’s how to get Brigitte Bardot’s sultry look:

1. Find your perfect bangs.1959:  Portrait of French actor Brigitte Bardot smiling and leaning against a door frame with one hand raised behind her head. She wears a beaded necklace.  (Photo by RDA/Getty Images) Anyone can pull off bangs. There is a flattering style for you regardless of your face shape or hair texture. It is worth going through a few awkward looks to discover your perfect style, trust me. Brigitte’s bangs enhanced her voluminous mane.

2. Don’t forget about your accessories.6th April 1962:  French actors Sami Frey and Brigitte Bardot are followed by fans as they walk on Boulevard Richard-Lenoir, Paris, France. Both wear dark sunglasses; Bardot wears a kerchief with a tweed skirt suit.  (Photo by Agence France Presse/Agence France Presse/Getty Images) Your accessories can make or break a look. Accessories can be more interesting than sparkly jewelry. Just take a look at Brigitte’s kerchief, sunglasses and gloves paired with her tweed suit. If you can work a kerchief into your modern look, do it.

3. Never do your hair in a stiff updo, always keep it relaxed.circa 1960:  Studio portrait of actor and model Brigitte Bardot wearing a light blue off-the-shoulder dress.  (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images) Forget about trying to slick down every last baby hair. Brigitte shows that relaxed updos are far more alluring. Pull your hair back and let a few tendrils come down. You can skip the hairspray too.

4. Go for understated sexy rather than overt.Portrait of French actress Brigitte Bardot, circa 1960s.  (Photo by Archive Photos/Getty Images) What you conceal can be just as sexy as what you reveal. Here, Brigitte makes a case for a cardigan. She usually sticks with simple silhouettes in classic shapes that are form-fitting but not skin-tight.

5. You cannot go wrong with soft, voluminous hair.circa 1960:  French actor Brigitte Bardot playing guitar while sitting on a lawn chair in an empty lot.  (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images) We tend to focus on achieving super straight hair or the perfect curls but what we should be focusing on is getting volume into our manes. Brigitte’s full mane shows that a bit of volume makes your hair look amazing. It is also a soft, I-tried-but-didn’t-spend-three-hours-in-the-bathroom look.

6.  A bit of eyeliner is all you need for a striking makeup look.Brigitte Bardot Bedhead A sexy look isn’t just about red lipstick. Brigitte was at the height of her fame in the 1960’s and has stuck with the popular nude lipstick and dark eye she sported then. The hint of eyeliner emphasizes her eyes and adds a sultry vibe but it doesn’t look overdone.

7. Never have your hair too perfect.Visalli-7-10-13 To achieve Brigitte’s alluring look, we need to spend less time obsessing over our hair. A slightly tousled texture is actually far better that something that has been shellacked into place.

8. If you’re wearing a dramatic piece, keep your hair and makeup simple.16th December 1965:  French actor Brigitte Bardot is interviewed by Paris radio reporters during an impromptu press conference at the Orly airport before boarding an airplane for New York from Paris, France. She was to attend the New York City premiere of director Louis Malle's film, 'Viva Maria,' before making her first visit to Hollywood. Bardot wears a zebra coat with fur trim.  (Photo by Agence France Presse/Agence France Presse/Getty Images) When Brigitte wore an eye-catching piece, such as this zebra print coat with fur trim, she always kept her hair and makeup simple. Note the visible roots, hint of eyeliner and nude lip.

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