britney spears

Britney Spears is still relevant!? At this point, I’ve come to think of her as a strange memory of my youth, and a time when every major pop singer was a teenager singing about their sexuality while publicly proclaiming to be virgins (think about how this was truly an odd period). However, the world’s top Britney Spears imitator, Michaela Weeks, earns $450,000. She charges $5,400 for a single appearance. Can she sing?

According to The Daily Mail… maybe?

Michaela said: ‘I tried a bit of modelling after that but every time I tried to do something different people kept coming back to the Britney thing. 

‘In the end the pull was so strong I packed in my waitressing job and decided to give it a go full-time and I haven’t looked back since.’

From there, work as a Britney lookalike started flooding in and Michaela began putting together a tribute act with the help of a vocal coach and choreographer.

Do you think this would be awesome? I read these stories and think that it would probably be some kind of lucky stroke of fate to be born looking exactly like a much more famous person. And then I think “no, because her life will be forever limited to looking exactly like Britney Spears. What if she wanted to be a neuroscientist? She would have to be a neuroscientist in a red leather catsuit. That would be so difficult to do neuroscience in.”

Or I guess she could dye her hair.

I suppose whether or not anyone has the opportunity to take advantage of their looks (models, for instance) always seems like a weird stroke of luck, this incidence just stands out a bit more.

Though, hell, for $5,000 an appearance I’d pretend to be Britney Spears, and I look absolutely nothing like her.

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