For reasons defying understanding, Britney Spears unveiled a new look this weekend at her comeback residency in Las Vegas–an ombre dye job. Well, sort of. It’s more like she dip dyed her hair into some bleach and then shook things around, hoping it would blend nicely. Who did this to Britney? This seems like a fireable offense, or possibly something that should result in jail time.

As you can see from these videos of Britney performing, her hair is a chocolate brown on top that fades into brassy blonde at the tips, with some sort of yellow-y streak continuing up the back left side (or something). The fade isn’t as gradual as we’re used to seeing in most ombre looks, so the whole thing is pretty jarring. It makes her hair look wildly unhealthy, and like those blond tips are going to snap off at any moment. She’s one of the most famous women in the world, and yet her hair consistently looks cheap and tacky. Who’s running things these days?

On the upside, this whole hair debacle has given me ample opportunity to watch videos of Britney’s Vegas residency, and she looks great. I am way more invested in Spears’ comeback than any adult woman who recently filed her taxes should be, but hey, we all have our weird proclivities.

We’ve seen a lot of drastic dye jobs on celebrities in the past few months–Emma Stone‘s gorgeous red ombre, Katy Perry‘s Tumblr-inspired slime green, Vanessa Hudgenspastel rainbow, and Ireland Baldwin‘s stunning blue come to mind. Perhaps it’s something to do with spring and people wanting to come out of their dark winter caves, but the new hair colors we’ve been seeing have by and large looked amazing. Unfortunately, that characterization does not pertain to Spears’ new look, which I am sad to say is one of her worst hair decisions yet. Here’s to hoping for a better dye job tomorrow.

Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images