As part of her ongoing comeback efforts, Britney Spears is releasing a new perfume called “Fantasy Twist,” which is actually “two perfumes in one.” Now, there is a commercial for said perfume, and that commercial is amazing.

It’s amazing because it gets back to the roots of what made Britney Spears a huge star to begin with: catchy songs, sexy dancing, kitschy outfits, and an utter resistance to the need to make sense. Set to her new-ish single “Gasoline” (which is the best song I’ve heard from her in a while), the clip shows Britney prancing around a hotel hallway in various sparkly dresses while random people jump around in their hotel rooms. Why? WHY NOT?

Oh look, Britney is a fierce Vegas showgirl. Now she is wearing a sparkly cocktail dress. And now she’s a flapper with art deco lettering in front of her. What fun! And is that Alexander Skarsgard peeping through his keyhole at her? Get it, girl!

Of course, this perfume probably smells like a poorly stocked sex shop in a suburban strip mall with potential top notes of Cheetos and mood stabilizers, but no matter. With celeb-branded smell-water, it’s all about the packaging, and this commercial gets the packaging so right.

(Via Jezebel)