Astrid Stawiarz/

It’s this week’s quote heard ’round the internet. Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition cover star Brooklyn Decker had a chat with FabSugar this week and the exchange of interest went like this:

“The biggest thing is finding that balance between masculine and feminine.  Because I’m such a tomboy, I hate showing off my body,” Decker, 25, explained to FabSugar at the Splendid Soho opening April 18. “[My stylist] is always like ‘you have to show your figure.'”

Here are the feelings we felt, in order:

1) Eyeroll. Huge eyeroll for you, famously half-naked swimsuit model.

2) Well, at the same time, she was born with a pretty insane figure; she might just be making the most of it. It’s totally fair that she’s uncomfortable being semi-naked all the time. She tends to dress pretty demurely for red carpet events, too, so her story checks out.

3) Still. That would be like if a blogger hated reading the internet.


4) I do.