Whoa there, Brooklyn Decker! You’re liable to get charged with first degree arson with the number of bridges you’re burning.

Brooklyn Decker, who is currently best known for being hot, having boobs, and landing the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, recently sat down with a very excited Daily Mail writer to discuss her retirement from modeling and subsequent transition into acting. Perhaps in an effort to make sure she has no fallback option, she spoke about her former profession like so:

‘I loved the travel but I didn’t love the work,’ she confesses candidly, rolling her eyes. ‘I mean, come on, modelling is only so stimulating!’ (“For me, I mean.” I would have then added, in a nod to SI’s popularity among boys too young to buy porn. “It’s only so stimulating for me.”)

What’s that, model? You mean sitting still for hours while people put makeup on you and then making sexyface for several more hours while people fuss over you is not the crowning intellectual achievement of your life? Blasphemy!

This might seem like an incredibly obvious statement, but here’s the thing: to fashion people, this is akin to a model squatting down and taking a huge, stinking dump right on their Louboutins. If it’s poor form to shit talk your job in the straight world, it’s poor form times a dillion to do it in the fashion world, because fashion is magic and special and you should pay it just to hang around it.

This is not to say that models are stupid. On the contrary, I’ve met a lot of smart, driven people who were and/or are working fashion models, and if I looked anything like a fashion model, you can bet I would’ve taken a crack at it by now, too, because money. But all of them have intellectual lives outside of work, and when you ask them what they aspire to someday achieve within their lifetimes, the answer is almost never “to be a living mannequin in the prettiest picture ever taken.”

One really liberating thing about leaving any industry is being able to say things like the above quote without fear of repercussions, so I can totally see why Brooklyn Decker felt like letting loose. And judging from her tour de force performance in Just Go With It, I think she has many stimulating years as an actress ahead of her.

(Via The Daily Mail)