Forget about bold lips. Bold eyebrows are definitely having a moment. And it seems that the bolder the styles, the better. Feather brows, dragon brows and barbed wire brows are just some of the head-turning looks we’ve seen on social media lately. The latest one to get Instagram beauty queens talking is the carved brow makeup trend.

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Unlike the carved hair color trend, the look doesn’t involve dividing your eyebrows into different colored sections. It involves adding a skinny highlight line around the entire perimeter of your brows then enhancing it by applying a dark shadow on the outside.

Allure reported that the look was created my makeup artist Alexa Link who posts under the @alexalink Instagram handle. In her post, she might have described the bold eyebrow look as a “weird brow carve,” but it has a number of fans. The post with the brow carve received over 10,000 likes in the two days since it was posted.

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Of course, like the many brow trends before it, the brow carve is something that can be tricky to pull off IRL. In the harsh daylight, the carve can get lost and it can end up looking like the brown shadow on your forehead is dirt. Does that mean you should skip it? Nah. It’s definitely something to try out when you’re bored with your Instagram brows.