Ok, I know you thought it was going to be Kris Jenner when you clicked on this post. Maybe even Kendall or Kylie. But nope, the Jenner who is thinking of going under the knife is none other than…Bruce! Apparently, the Jenner/Kardashian family patriarch recently met with a plastic surgeon to consult about a “laryngeal shave,” aka a procedure that lessens the Adam’s apple.


A laryngeal shave is usually done on patients who are undergoing MTF gender reassignment surgeries, but Bruce says that’s not the reason why he wants the surgery. Bruce Jenner told TMZ:

“I just never liked my trachea.”

Bruce originally visited his plastic surgeon because he wants surgery done on his nose for a scar that didn’t heal well after he had basal cell carcinoma removed, but reportedly stayed to consult about his trachea.

You know what? I feel really sad for Bruce. I’m sure he doesn’t need the sympathy of some random blogger, but it must suck to be a famous, former professional athlete who still struggles with body image issues, especially issues like not liking your trachea. I mean, your TRACHEA?! I imagine most people never give their trachea a second thought, but when you’re living in a fame-mongering fishbowl of a reality show, it seems like every possible thing you dislike about your body must become magnified.

Bruce has had plenty of plastic surgery in the past, but trachea surgery sounds fucking painful, especially for an elective surgery. I hope, if Bruce ends up getting it, it brings him the body confidence he’s looking for. And I hope Kris Jenner has to bring him endless popsicles and glasses of water and ice packs while he recovers.

Photos: E! News, Getty Images