By now, you’re probably familiar with Miss Universe contestant Jenna Talackova, who was ousted when pageant organizers discovered she was born a boy. People got up in arms because Talachova is now legally a woman; there was some legal rumblings and then Miss Universe let her back in. Even Bill Fucking O’Reilly thought she deserved to compete (!).

But… apparently polarizing personal style blogger Bryan Boy doesn’t? He tweeted:

Now, there’s no indication Bryan Boy was referring specifically to Talackova. It’s very possible he was referring to another transgender Miss Universe hopeful, so we can’t say conclusively that he’s anti-Talackova. However–although Bryan Boy is a noted expert on gender politics (and integrity!)–we’d still rather see him stick to what he does best: get free stuff from Marc Jacobs and make jokes about anal sex.

PS: When are people going to retire “tranny”?